Monday, February 11, 2013

Get Your Machines Back Up and Running Again

Amada machines are very heavy industrial power tools that are used in a variety of different fields including manufacturing. These tools are workhorses that complete work given to them in a set of instructions. The computer memory holds the instructions, and can perform the task over and over again. Though these machines are very smart, and every durable, things happen and eventually these machines -- like everything else in the world -- will wear and break.

Given the cost of these machines, if a company's machine does break, there may not always be sufficient funds to completely replace the machine altogether, so the machine must be professionally fixed, or replaced with a slightly used Amada machine. When this time comes, the pros go to

Alt Parts are the Amada America experts, servicing, repairing, and replacing parts for these machines. All parts have been machined to OEM specifications, making them inspected and cleared for use in the machines. On average, these parts can be purchased for about 10% less than competitors, and some customers' overall costs have been slashed by 70%!

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